Detoxification and CEASE Therapy

Introduction to Detoxification and CEASE therapy

detox_and_ceaseFirst and foremost I am a homeopath. I consider the whole person; their mental, emotional and physical characteristics, in deciding what remedy will benefit a patient.

As homeopaths, we recognise that sometimes there may be something in our patient’s lifestyle that may be affecting their health. We need to address that problem alongside homeopathy.  Until it is dealt with, the patient cannot recover as well or as quickly as they would have done without it. Problems with allergies and intolerances are discussed under a separate health topic.

Detoxification and CEASE therapy is of relevance for situations such as patients who say:

  • they have never been well since a course of antibiotics;
  • that their child did not seem the same after he received a course of drugs,
  • after an illness such as glandular fever;
  • it could be that as part of the preparation for getting pregnant we discover from hair analysis that the patient’s  body has been discharging high levels of metals such as lead which could for example be as a result of  old lead water pipes in their house.

Detoxification consultation approach

The first thing to do on the initial consultation is to start with the constitutional remedy to see the patient’s reaction. We can then consider whether there is anything in their background which may be an obstacle to them getting better.

  • So an easy example might be a hair analysis showing what the patient’s body has been getting rid of over the last eight weeks.
  • If the levels of lead (to follow the example above) are higher than are the recommended considered safety levels, we can give remedies to help the body get rid of that substance faster.
  • This is what we call isopathy: giving lead (the same substance) in safe homeopathic dilution to encourage the body to discharge the offending substance. Alternatively by giving homeopathic remedies which we have found encourage the detoxification process.
  • We would also look for the cause, in this case the lead pipes, that could be removed or fit water filters that will filter out most of the lead,.
  • Dealing with these issues is especially important before trying to get pregnant as studies have shown that high levels of lead in sperm and/or egg can lead to hyperactivity in children.

A more difficult example would be where the cause of the problem is not clear, or where it could be a number of causes.

In this case the homeopath becomes like a detective; working out when the problem(s) may have started, what may be the cause. Only then we can deal with the most likely possible causes one by one.
So if a patients says they have never been well since antibiotics  we may give a general homeopathic clearing remedy. This may be followed  up with the possible cause (in this case the antibiotic in homeopathic dilution), using the principles of isopathy as explained earlier.

CEASE consultation

The CEASE protocol has been devised as a tool to use alongside homeopathy for patients mainly on the autistic spectrum or other behavioural problems.  This uses methods of detoxification with homeopathic remedies over 1 to 8 week programmes alongside the use of the homeopathic constitutional remedy.

I provide a constitutional homeopathic remedy first to see my patient’s reaction before starting a detoxification programme.  The combination of homeopathic prescriptions alongside the CEASE programme has been beneficial in many cases.

Have a look at the CEASE website at  for further information or telephone me for a free preliminary discussion.  I am an accredited CEASE practitioner.