Fertility and Infertility


Fertility and infertility

Deciding you are ready to have a baby is a momentous decision.   The arrival of your first baby will make a huge change to your lifestyle and life.  Everyone would like their baby to be  healthy and happy.  It’s a good idea to make sure both of you are as healthy as possible before trying to conceive to maximise the chances of conception followed by a healthy pregnancy and baby. To help you achieve optimum health before conception I use my skills as a homeopath in addition to my training as a Foresight practitioner.


If you’re hoping to become pregnant in the near future it would be a good idea for you and your partner to have a health MOT.  Both the egg and the sperm take about three months to ripen so using that time to get into the best health possible means that your chances of conceiving and producing a healthy baby are increased.  Using the principles of the Foresight programme and homeopathy we look at your current state of health, levels of nutrition including a review of your diet and lifestyle, and your menstrual cycle and history.  Mineral and toxin levels can be measured by hair analysis which shows what has passed out of your body in the previous eight weeks.  For example too low levels of certain minerals such as selenium may mean that the male has a low sperm count and/ or damaged sperm or low sperm motility which may impede or prevent conception taking place.  Supplementing with selenium where levels are low, for example, makes sperm healthier thereby increasing the chance of conception.  A programme will therefore be devised to increase your health and wellbeing using both homeopathy and making improvements to your diet and lifestyle.

This will involve appointments for both parties separately over a period of time.  All homeopathic remedies are included in the consultation price but vitamins and minerals etc discussed will be billed separately.


Or, it may be that you have been trying for a baby for some time and are considering IVF treatment.    In these circumstances, we will have the first consultation with both of you to talk about how you can be helped best and how the programme can assist in whatever path you decide to follow.  There will then be separate appointments as above.  We are aiming for conception, pregnancy and a healthy baby to follow but this cannot be guaranteed.  Whatever else happens, after following the programme, you and your partner should be healthier.  We can’t guarantee success but will try our very best.  Homeopathy can also help you cope with the frustration,  disappointment, anxiety and emotional stress of trying to get pregnant and not succeeding, as well as tackling physical problems.

Once your overall health has improved through homeopathic constitutional treatment and the Foresight approach we may then implement Australian homeopath Liz Lalor’s programme.  This uses a protocol which follows the Vannier method of homeopathy and may help to improve fertility further.