Pregnancy & Labour

Pregnancy, labour and the aftermath

Hopefully you will have a healthy pregnancy and feel really good.  However, while your body is adjusting to pregnancy, you may succumb to the dreaded morning sickness.  This can be mild with just a slight queasiness in the morning and may be settled by eating a slice of dry toast or a cracker.  However, if it is persistent, is violent or carries on past the first three months of pregnancy, homeopathy may be able to help.  If you are already having homeopathic treatment your homeopath should be able to sort you out with a remedy.  If you are not already having homeopathic treatment, there are a number of remedies that may help.  If you wish to try to find a remedy by yourself first then Miranda Castro’s book “Homeopathy for Mother and Baby”, is a good starting point.  If you don’t get a speedy result consult your homeopath or a homeopath registered with one of the professional registration bodies such as “The Society of Homeopaths”.

Sometimes anxiety and even depression can creep in spoiling what should be a happy time.  Again seeing your homeopath and taking the remedies prescribed may help to rebalance your emotions without the need to resort to antidepressants.

If you’re not sure whether homeopathy can help on any particular problem ask a homeopath for advice.  You don’t have to suffer and homeopathic remedies are not addictive or harmful to you or your baby.


I keep homeopathic pregnancy kits and lend them out to my patients for use during labour.  There are quite a few remedies in the kit and it can be hard to judge which remedies will help the most at such an intense time as labour and the baby’s arrival.  So I prepare an easy guide to pregnancy remedies based on my patient’s constitutional picture, preferably from before pregnancy as well as during.    We then have a consultation including both parents and /or birthing partner to go through how to use the remedies, which remedies might help best and the frequency of repetition.  These remedies are high potency (200c) to match the acuteness of the situation.  Afterwards, remedies such as arnica may help with healing the perineum after the baby’s delivery.  Other remedies can be considered for problems such as difficulties with breast feeding, colic and teething problems.