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A patient’s experience of homeopathy and thoughts on Richard Dawkins

I can feel a rant coming on so you can either leave now or hold on tight and stay for the ride.

This one is for Richard Dawkins and his warped logic which states that because he is an atheist, Homeopathy is merely a health fad and is a waste of time and money.
Well Dawkins put this in your pipe and smoke it.
I have been using homeopathic first aid since my kids were little and they were very happy with the results for bumps, bruises, teething and serious hay fever.
I also used it in that way for myself from my 20’s, relieving sinus and catarrh, sciatica and other irritations.

What I could never get to grips with on my own was treating my ‘constitutional’ ill health which has been with me in one form or another since childhood. Read more ...

Difficulties adjusting to changing school  in 2011 

Last September my then 11 year old son moved up to secondary school with all the usual anxieties that go with transition.  He is a sociable, open and confident child in many ways and was excited and ready for the changes ahead.

However, a few weeks in to the new term he started to talk about feeling sick at mealtimes, stomach aches and headaches often and feeling generally unwell.  He started to “confess” to us about things he had said and done that he realised were not his usual behaviour, mainly concerning foul language.  We put this down to “trying to fit in” and spoke to his teachers and the pastoral care team at school about this on an off the record basis as he was getting more and more distressed.  Read more …

14/2/12, a tale of two children!

My daughter was born with very dry skin which at a couple of months old was diagnosed as eczema.  We were given various creams to use which made no difference at all.  At a year old when a lot of children can grow out of eczema, my daughter’s appeared to be getting worse and the Doctors wanted me to use hydrocortisone cream on her on a regular basis which I didn’t feel happy with., this was when I decided to look into alternative treatments and came across Alison.

Alison called part of my daughter’s eczema as stocking/glove effect, her hands and feet were very dry but also very red.  Alison gave my daughter remedies which included a detox remedy and gradually the redness of the gloving effect lessened and within a couple of months had virtually gone and friends and family were commenting on how much better they looked.  We still had the problem of the dryness and irritation on the rest of her body particularly on the outer parts  of her lower legs and arms.  She was also a very clingy child and very strong willed.  After speaking to Alison she decided to try her on a remedy called Pulsatilla.  I now call this her magic remedy as her skin became significantly better and the irritation was much less and she also became a slightly easier child (!)

My daughter is now 3 and her eczema is much better and doesn’t generally bother her on a day to day basis.  She is still prone to flare ups if she becomes a bit run down. But one dose of the magic remedy and within a couple of days it’s cleared up again and I don’t have to use any hydrocortisone cream.

My son was quite late in potty training.  He had shown no initiative himself and when I tried him at 3 and a quarter he became quite distressed by it.  So we put him back in pull ups.  At 3 and a half I decide to bite the bullet and go for it.  After a couple of days of accidents we discovered he was happy to do a wee standing up but not sitting down but this wasn’t a problem and we had very few accidents after that and became dry at night quite quickly.

The accidents we were having were all poo related and he would constantly soil his pants.  I spoke with an early child advisor who was fantastically supportive and gave me lots of tips of things to try but nothing worked.  After six months I was desperate, my son was going to be starting school for half days from the Easter.  I was already seeing   Alison with my daughter and asked her if there was anything she could do to help.  She informed me that it wasn’t a problem she had experience of but was willing to give it a try.  My son was started on a remedy for anxiety as he was an anxious child in other situations.  It didn’t seem to work straight away but all of a sudden and thankfully in time for starting school he got it and the soiling became less and less.  After a couple of months and no accidents I felt confident he had got the hang of it and I decided to stop the treatment. Over the next couple of months we started having the odd accident again until eventually he was soiling his pants again all the time.  I was absolutely gutted!

I approached Alison again.  She put him back on the original remedy but it didn’t work.  My son was nearly 5 now and at full time school.  He was also having a problem with his ear, he had a pre- auricular sinus in his left ear which kept getting infected and would result in an abscess forming and was really painful for him.  He was due to have an operation for this to have part of his ear removed.  Alison saw this at an appointment and immediately looked up a remedy.  The remedy she came across also related she felt to the soiling problem.  Within a few weeks my son was back to doing his poos in the toilet thanks to the combination of the remedy and the fantastic teacher he had at the time which was a huge relief and has thankfully never gone back.

Alison has since successfully treated him for hayfever and is about to start him on a remedy for his ear sinus which although he had the operation to remove that area after a recent bout of chickenpox a small area has become inflamed again.  Watch this space!

(These testimonials are given voluntarily and are my own opinion and experience.  I authorise Alison to use them for the purpose of illustrating how I believe homeopathic treatment has helped my children.)


Difficulties adjusting to changing school