Difficulties adjusting to changing school

Last September [in 2011] my then 11 year old son moved up to secondary school with all the usual anxieties that go with the transition.  He is a sociable, open and confident child in many ways and was excited and ready for the changes ahead.

However, a few weeks in to the new term he started to talk about feeling sick at mealtimes, stomach aches and headaches often and feeling generally unwell.  He started to “confess” to us about things he had said and done that he realised were not his usual behaviour, mainly concerning foul language.  We put this down to “trying to fit in” and spoke to his teachers and the pastoral care team at school about this on an off the record basis as he was getting more and more distressed.

He complained of thoughts in his head calling us names and insults that were hurtful and out of character.  It was brought to a head when he started to be physically sick with worry about what he was thinking.

I had once before used homeopathy myself at a time of crisis and it had worked for me so with the thought that it had to be worth a try and with my son’s desperation to make everything better we approached Alison.

From the first appointment Alison listened and spoke to my son with full attention and understanding.  He totally engaged with her and opened up to the questions asked.  As it seems the remedies treat the whole of the person some of the questions seemed random but he sought to find answers to a whole variety of issues.  At the end of that first meeting my son felt extremely unburdened and a remedy was given to him.

The thoughts and worries did not disappear overnight, indeed he was a little worse before he started to improve.

We had regular appointments for a few months and there was a definite change in my son as his confidence grew.

He has learned to deal with the emotions he felt at that time and put them behind him.  He has won several awards during the first year and has been pinpointed by many of his teachers as being a wonderful child.

When the new year began in September I was a little nervous as I knew there would be more and more changes and indeed more work to be done.  My son confirmed that he did not feel that he needed Alison’s help again at the moment but he knows that if he starts to feel anxious again we would not hesitate to go back for a further consultation.

Thank you Alison for your help in making us all understand ways to assist my son get through this difficult time.  He will always be a “worrier” no doubt but he now has the tools to cope.

I can confirm that this testimonial is given voluntarily and is my own opinion and experience.  I authorise Alison to us this for the purpose of illustrating how I believe homeopathic treatment has helped my son.