A patient’s experience of homeopathy and thoughts on Richard Dawkins

I can feel a rant coming on so you can either leave now or hold on tight and stay for the ride.

This one is for Richard Dawkins and his warped logic which states that because he is an atheist, Homeopathy is merely a health fad and is a waste of time and money.
Well Dawkins put this in your pipe and smoke it.
I have been using homeopathic first aid since my kids were little and they were very happy with the results for bumps, bruises, teething and serious hay fever.
I also used it in that way for myself from my 20’s, relieving sinus and catarrh, sciatica and other irritations.
What I could never get to grips with on my own was treating my ‘constitutional’ ill health which has been with me in one form or another since childhood.
Entering too much information territory here, but I recall having a sluggish bowel since I was 19. I also have low thyroid, and the two are probably not unrelated. But allopathic medicine as practiced by the NHS in its ‘one size fits all’ way had no answers. In fact the doctors told me it was probably all in my head and sent me off into oblivion with a prescription for anti-depressants. Doctors were not allowed to treat my low thyroid because it was not low enough.
They could suggest fibre products but these only addressed the symptoms not the cause and contained lots of other nasty ingredients. They mentioned diet, but I already had that one sorted.
Since I have been consulting my wonderful homeopath Alison Jones Homeopath I no longer have this problem.
I wish I could tell you all to rush out and buy a particular remedy, but what she prescribes according to the rules of homeopathy is particular to the individual. In my case we started with Sulphur and have now moved on to Sycamore Seed and Moxa.
She has also prescribed many other remedies along the way to help me through major life events causing stress, fatigue and extreme grief. All this in addition to dealing with dental abscess, extraction, fillings, hay fever, colds and flu etc. You know the ordinary things that life is made of.
I’m not saying I haven’t made my own contributions to my health and well-being with meditation, therapeutic walking, a very good diet and supplements, but those have never been enough to lift me above the parapet before. Now with homeopathy I can see a future for me that is not all doom and gloom and a slow, downward trajectory into old age.
Hell, I may never work again, but then again who would want to, but at only 57 years I will enjoy the rest of my life to the best of my ability.
Long live homeopathy.

(This is given voluntarily and is my own opinion and experience.  I authorise Alison to use them for the purpose of illustrating how I believe homeopathic treatment has helped me.)