Tanning Cream

Another burst of good weather, how lucky are we? Many people in Bedford wore shorts yesterday because it was so warm. I have an aversion to my white legs, and with skin that doesn’t tan easily and an allergy to perfume (both artificial and some aromatherapy oils), I did some research into natural suntanning products earlier this year. I was delighted with this product from Earth-line for quality and price. It has a gentle tanning effect so you may need to apply it over 2-3 days for a significant effect.

The advantage of this is that if you miss patches out they are coloured on the next application so you don’t end up with streaks. I used it on my legs having exfoliated/ defuzzed the day before (too much information?).

  • The amount you need depends on the area you have to cover. Take off all rings and squirt a large coin sized amount into one palm.
  • Rub it between your palms and then apply it in upward moves starting at your lower calves working upwards.
  • Go back to apply it to your feet when there is less cream on your hands and make sure it’s smoothed in well to avoid streaking.

It is absorbed quickly so wash your hands well afterwards. The vitamin E Sunless Tanner is available from Rio Trading http://www.riohealth.co.uk/ which is a website worth exploring as it has other interesting products, and is an organisation run on good principles of fair trade using natural ingredients minimising the use of additives.
The sunless tanner has no parabens, paraffin, colourants, or synthetic perfume. You will still need to use suntan lotion afterwards to protect your skin from UV rays.