Shower Gel

sensitive skin shower gelBedford is really lucky to have two health food shops, Wholefoods in the Bus Station and Pumpernickel in the Arcade. They are both interested in the products they sell, knowledgeable and willing to obtain products on request. My favourite shower gel for people with sensitive skin is made by Urtekram. The unperfumed version of the shower gel contains no essential oils as even these can aggravateskin problems. It has very few ingredients: vegetable glycerine, palm soap, coconut and corn sugar soap, Himalayan sea salt, palm oil products and citric acid, and so far I haven’t heard of any of my patients having problems using it. It seems to last for ages and is relatively inexpensive for an organic product. Bedford Wholefoods stocks it and MK Organics on Castle Road (another worthy store that deserves our support) does too.

Tanning Cream

Another burst of good weather, how lucky are we? Many people in Bedford wore shorts yesterday because it was so warm. I have an aversion to my white legs, and with skin that doesn’t tan easily and an allergy to perfume (both artificial and some aromatherapy oils), I did some research into natural suntanning products earlier this year. I was delighted with this product from Earth-line for quality and price. It has a Continue reading