Food intolerance

I was delighted by my visit to Donna Milligan of The Cottage Therapy Studio last Friday for a follow up SCIO test. Friends and patients know that I am very careful about advising them to cut multiple foods/ food groups out of their diet as a restrictive diet may cause further health problems. Sometimes the cause of “intolerance/ allergy” is obvious, other times there may be a number of possible agents causing the problem. In the latter case it is really useful to experiment with “sensitivity” testing to try to narrow down the possible problems.

One way, which Donna uses, is the SCIO, a radionics machine. The idea being that everything and everybody has its own frequency, so the machine tests that frequency against your own frequency and will suggest that your body may be having a problem with a certain food/ food group/ toxin or, for example, a mineral deficiency amongst many other things. Areas that may be causing a problem are tested and retested to try and narrow them down.
Donna says that the SCIO offers suggestions of problem areas rather than a diagnosis but I have been amazed over the years at how accurate the testing is for me. After 10/12 weeks you have a retest to see how you compare with the earlier test. Why was I delighted? Apart from it being lovely to see Donna as always, in the tests I showed considerable improvement in a number of areas and a biological age of 40. Who needs 10 years younger!



Coughing, sneezing, runny nose, scratchy throat, postnasal drip, and/or itchy, watery eyes; does any of this sound familiar?   During this most welcome recent spell of hot weather I have seen a number of new patients with severe hayfever symptoms.  Some have such bad symptoms they have had little response to conventional medication in the shape of antihistamines and nasal sprays.

Homeopathy can and does help with the symptoms of hayfever.  Normally on seeing a patient for the first time I take their case in the consultation and prescribe a constitutional remedy.  We then wait to see what this remedy does before giving another remedy.  However the severity of symptoms in patients this year means that I have been prescribing remedies to give the patient relief before starting constitutional treatment.  The improvement in symptoms has been very encouraging meaning that patients have been able to decrease or stop using their conventional medicine.

Whilst homeopathy can help the acute symptoms of hayfever (as described above), the best time to deal with the problem of allergy to pollens etc is when the season has finished and before the next reaction starts.  Having regular constitutional and miasmatic treatment for the whole person, (your mental, emotional and physical makeup and symptoms), helps strengthen your immune system and lessen your reaction to the allergen over time.  Although many still experience some symptoms in the following season, the reaction is not so severe and more easily managed with the use of remedies.  Over time we usually see a dramatic improvement.  You have everything to gain by trying homeopathy because it is safe, effective and not addictive.  For more details on homeopathy and how I practice see “About homeopathy” and “The consultation”  or telephone me for a free 15 minute discussion on 01234 315022.

Bedford Tea Room


Lemon Polenta Cake“Fancy” is a wonderful tea room on Roff Avenue in Bedford. They make their own cakes on the premises so are fully aware of all the ingredients, paradise for those of us with “special requirements”. It is especially good because I have eaten so many cakes that are gluten free etc that have been downright disappointing (how polite!) Fancy does not disappoint. The photograph is of the lemon polenta cake (gluten free made with butter) which I can highly recommend. They also do a lime and coconut drizzle cake which is vegan and I think glutenfree, and macaroons which are gluten and dairy free but not suitable perhaps for those with nut allergies. Tell them your problems and they will tell you what is in each cake. Happy eating!

Tanning Cream

Another burst of good weather, how lucky are we? Many people in Bedford wore shorts yesterday because it was so warm. I have an aversion to my white legs, and with skin that doesn’t tan easily and an allergy to perfume (both artificial and some aromatherapy oils), I did some research into natural suntanning products earlier this year. I was delighted with this product from Earth-line for quality and price. It has a Continue reading